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Partner with Us

Did you know that in the United States 15,000 victims of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) are children? Statistics show that nearly every 3 days a young competitive athlete suffers a SCA.  By raising awareness with runners, sports enthusiasts and health conscious people about unexpected death through SCAs, we are helping to stimulate discussions about the benefits of readily-placed AEDs in our communities.

At Racing Hearts, our goal is to increase the availability of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) throughout our communities and at high risk venues like sporting events. We’re looking to our community enthusiasts – like Race Directors and Athletic Event Coordinators to partner with us.  If you can help us, feel free to email or call!  We look forward to hearing from you: info@racinghearts.org

Data/Information: American Red Cross website, Drezner, Jonathan, et al. Inter-Association Task Force Recommendations on Emergency Preparedness and Management of Sudden Cardiac Arrest in High School and College Athletic Programs: A Consensus Statement. Heart Rhythm Society. 2007;4:549-565.